"Intr-o vara cu mult soare, am cusut la paretare!", h'Art Gallery, 2006, cusaturi pe panza

waiting in the parking to give you sweet kisses

I'm staing, expecting you and emigrating to the love

your eyes, my lover, bring me closer to God

from this polution, which one should I choose

My lover, run faster, I'm waiting for you, up to The Motoare bar

Waiting for my lover with the cell on my chest

Your tongue my lover gives me thrills, from the night untill the sunshine

I'm expecting you 'cause I miss to hold me, watching together to the TV

C18H24O2, expozitie desen, h'Art Gallery Bucuresti, 24. 01.2008

Vernisaj joi, 24 ianuarie 2008, ora 19.00

H’art Gallery
Str. Mihai Eminescu nr.105-107

Oglinda şi rujul sunt armele feminităţii pe care Ana Bănică le foloseşte în a face vizibilă o obsesie mai veche: dinamica energetică a cuplului. E o viziune psihedelică, foarte personală, care propune un grafic al efectelor secundare date de formula magică C­18­H24O2.

The mirror and the lipstick are the weapons of feminity that Ana Bănică uses to make visible one of her old obsessions: the energy flows within a couple. It is a very personal, psychedelic vision, which graphs the secondary effects given by the magic formula C­18­H24O2.
(Dan Popescu)

C18H24O2- h' Art Gallery, 24.01.2008